11 unique employee that employee loving company

I suppose many businesses that increase wages and recruit excellent talented people, in order to keep employees have motivation in working.

But in the other hand, there are parts that can’t be compensated just by rising salary in reality.

In that regards, aim for the goal to make employees happier, various firms have installed “benefits”.

Today, I’ll introduce you some unique benefits that employee-madly-loving companies have thought.

Why have organizations brought unique benefits in?

There are 2 main good points of putting unique employee benefits in.

The first is that it’s effective on recruitment branding. By applying unique employee benefits, companies attract media’s attention, advertise to many other people which helps magnify company’s recognition in society.

Boost up employee motivation is the second one. Through enhancing benefits, employee’s motivation can be risen that lead to expectation of productivity improvement and excellent talent’s recruitment/loyalty increase.

‘Human’ has been strongly realized as an important existence in a company, therefore the number of firms that put in various policies to maximum human’ value has been gone up.

11 unique benefits

I’d like to introduce the unique benefits that organizations thought of with the purpose to ‘make employee display better performance and work happily’

The one that’s considering planning or installing a new benefit plan in coming then please take a look.

1. Siesta system

This system is a system that sets time from 13h to 16h as the lunchtime break in order to increase work efficiency.

The timezone is applied in siesta system is being completely used to deal with phone-picking caretaking task and else.

The ways to spend siesta time are quite free, you can spend time the ways you want such as going massage, beauty salon or watch movies.

By refresh yourselves in siesta time, the concentration rises up, work productivity goes up as the result which make this system a good reputation.

2. Extreme commuting

Extreme commuting, it’s that people don’t go to office by the same path but experience non-routine things before going to work.

Although, you have to give your best to get to work at every morning but you can refresh yourselves by surfing or hiking in early morning to start keenly working.

3. Free vitamin supplying system

I assume that many people have skipped breakfast when busy.

So for the one pass their breakfast which causes blood sugar level decrease, companies apply a benefit that supply bananas or oranges for them. After eating vitamin wealthy fruits, blood sugar level in the body will burst up, employees become energetic which can focus on working.

4. Filial piety system

Besides the authority required long-term nursing care for employee’s parents, this is the system that supports transportation fee that uses to come back home.

In the case you have to look after the family that lives far from your office, the transportation fee will be a heavy burden and it’s possible that this will lead to employee retirement.

So, in order to let employees that care about family can work happily, companies have installed this system.

5. 1-month traveling

With the thought, you can work at anywhere in the world as long as you have internet, there are firms that progress the benefit that allows employees take a month break every year.

Employees can work in a cafeteria or hotel at the place they’re sightseeing after that, they can play at the beach or else. It’s possible to spend a month that everyone has dreamed in reality now.

Also, by having a good time with employees, engagement rate with the company may increase.

6.Pet insurance, pet breeding leave

Lately, more many people have thought that pets are also family’s members, therefore service of pet insurance is increasing.

For this era, companies with pet insurance as a benefit also exist.

Employees able to make up periodic medical examination, medical treatment expense and others with insurance as an employee benefit.

As well as, there are companies allow to get day-off for pet breeding, even taking pets along after that as employee benefits.

In the time that sense of pet values is changing right now, these kinds of employee benefits may make them happy.

7. Marriage support

Job and marriage both are crucial factors for life at the present. For over 30 years old but still single employees, we support their happiness by completely prohibiting them come to the company on Sunday even the company is having the business that day.

That may be fine for the one dedicate life for work but perhaps companies with this sort of benefit also hope they have a fulfill private life besides working, I suppose.

8. Birth attendance system

Anyone as a parent would want to witness their baby’s birth moment but I assume the number of parents wasn’t able to be there isn’t just a little “due to work I can’t go no matter…”

In order to solve this matter, there are companies that allow employee can attend their child’s birth moment as a benefit.

For example, working from home about 2 weeks before the birthday schedule, with this, employees can make the baby’s birth time.

9. Work shirking system

“Isn’t it fine to dodge work sometime!” therefore, a dream system that allows employees to shirk work once 3 months was found.

No matter you work every day with perfect spirit but the days that you can work with whole energy will definitely come.

And when you convey that you will take a break on those days, then those days will be counted as paid day-off, through this, employees will be refreshing and come back to work in the next day.

10.Game purchase payment assistance system

This is a benefit at game firms, assistance payment will be supplied when employees purchase games.

Employees experience many games which may affect to the service of that company.

On the other hand, not only employees from game businesses but any game-lover would like to have this benefit.

11. 30 days break system

This is the system that allows you to take a whole month as a holiday if you worked for 11 months.

On 30 days, ways to spend time is employees’ free such as traveling or learning.

They can even work for other organization if they desired. They may get new experience and new innovation outside working.

Effective employee benefits

As you read above, there are many unique benefits in order to make employees happy around the world.

Alternatively, not every benefit are effective for employees, that require the chef need to have a view about company situation.

Take a look at the workplace, bring in benefits that are suitable for employees desired condition and way of working which is called effective.

By catching what kind of voices the head often hears from employees on daily work, what point they feel unsatisfied, they’ll clear which benefits should bring in.


From now on, in order to recruit excellence talent, make employees attract, besides rising salary operations need to apply employee benefits to create an easy to work environment.

Since the examples I introduced above included unique factor so it’d be better if you consider what benefits are suitable for your company.