Why is recruitment so crucial to a business?

HR work is though as a backstage job but in fact it’s an important existence for a company that carries the role of ‘strengthening people evaluation and ability to maximum, enhancing organizations’.

Also, it’s vital in resource management, to able to catch excellence talents, “recruitment” is an important act.

This time I’ll discuss recruitment of HR work, its work and meaning.

The main work of recruiting 

Recruiting act basically takes information of “what kind of talented people are wanted” from managers and department’s responsible one, formulates the number of people will recruit in a year for each department and job type.

From then, depending on the recruiting plan to progress methods to grab needed candidates.

To be more specific, it’s in charge of operating recruitment advertising, creating job-opening information, disposing and managing company introduction session, communicating with applicants, progressing interview plan, everything from recruiting to hiring.

Lately, they diversify recruiting measure such as utilizing SNS or opening independent recruiting events. Planning and managing this from the beginning belong to HR work as well.

The specialties of whom is suitable for recruiting

Polite handling, careful communication

During recruiting activities, many times have to adjust and negotiate with relevant people such as interview candidates, employees of different departments or HR firms about recruitment.

In that regards, to connect with job-hunters or manage schedule, it’s needed detail handling skill.

Able to enthusiastically convey the company’s attractiveness

Introduce business of organizations and job information to applicants and partner – HR business is an indispensable work.

In order to make job-hunters think “I want to work at this company” then it’s needed attractiveness of company expressing. Also to earn the consent to working in company explanation skill or presentation skill are superb vital.

Can get involved around

People who in charge recruitment haven’t just to cooperate with members of HR department.

Initial with managing issues of company, understand the current situation of other departments, sometimes need helps from them.

“What is your department job?”

“What kind of employees are working at your department?”

Have the knowledge about specialties, works, worthiness of each department, unless candidates may don’t comprehend the charisma of firm.

For that reason, to recruit talented people, communicate with other departments is required, having contact with them and the ability to get involved with surroundings becomes important.

The worthiness of recruiting work

In recruiting work there are many opportunities to connect with human since it has lots of external works so it’s good for engaging with people. Therefore, the one that loves to talk with people then they’ll feel interested in this job.

On the other hand, understanding company management, the direction and policies a company is aiming for is also important for not only HR department but also in viewing company. That have some quite hard parts but also worthy-to-do parts.

Plus, it’ll be greatly rewarding to watch talents that you recruited or educated or trained, grow up after getting in the company and get achievements, right?

Can say that experiencing this chance, supporting the job hunters to get a job are charm of HR work.

Why is recruitment important to a company?

“Human” is a crucial resource in management. If “Human” doesn’t exist then no matter how much “Objects” and “Money” you hold, you can’t make the best use of them, therefore, to firms “Human” is a very vital factor.

In the context of the extreme business environment changing right now, to solve problems, to create the next generation leader and hell talented people for future of organizations, recruitment will become a work that is needed more from now.

People who are required for company to process organizational strategy are the one that sense company attractiveness, will they work for company or not which is a life-or-death problem.

In that regards, for the one who is worry that ‘most recruiting job is boring’ then reconsider the purpose of recruitment job, you can feel the meaning of it and see its worthiness.


HR job isn’t just a type of back-office work, to make the company maintains continuously, recruiting work has become vital.

Also, through recruiting activity, connection with employees of other departments is deeper, a meaningful job.

Alternatively, since this is a job that is required wide knowledge and experience, so it’s wide hard for the one that didn’t work the same job before.

However, by accumulating experience in the HR department, you can also acquire a broad vision.

Who is being in charge of recruitment think that ‘It’s a boring and detail-oriented job that is hard’ and who is worry that ‘I’m gonna be responsible that’s trouble’ then I hope you know that ‘recruiting job is a very important role for a company’ through this article.