What is “Strategic Human Resources” ?

Employees managing is often thought to be main task of HR department’s job. However, recently the keyword of strategic HR that is strategy of HR is attracting attention.

In this dramatic change era, to match with demands of the industry, companies have to recruit and arrange workforce. Therefore, strategic HR has become a crucial role for businesses.

Today, I’d like to talk about overview and features of strategic HR, reasons that strategic HR is being needed.

Strategic HR definition

Strategic HR is initiated by David Ulrich in1990s, he think “HR field should shift the key task – management task so far to strategic HR to support business strategy”.

Unlike to how HR field has worked up to now, HR field connect more deeply to strategic management, manage with supervisors to enhance companies’ competitiveness is goal of strategic HR.

Tasks of strategic HR

Main HR tasks until now are administration works and management which is imagined as back office work.

However, the tasks of lately being noticed strategic HR don’t stop there, making methods to be differentiation/advantages in HR compare to other competitive firms also is work of strategic HR.

HR tasks are of course not only recruiting activities, it includes education, evaluation, compensation, labor, HR information management.

Particularly in strategic HR development, there are 4 functions are supposed to be important for HR field.

BP: Business partner

Business partner is “HR becomes supervisor’s business partner” thinking.

Since HR department didn’t closely connect with other departments so they weren’t well-known situation in reality but from now on they won’t only work at back stage but also will cooperate with each department, progress strategic business with supervisors.

OD&TD: Organization Development & Talent Development

In order to penetrate company’s philosophy, develop organization for company’s growth then strategic HR is an indispensable existence.

See through every individual’s advantages and connection among employees in organizations, take out the best performance of each person by encouraging them is also one of requirement for strategic HR.

Lead to result that maximize the potential for innovation in-house by rising human resources are being required for business.

CoE: Center of Excellence

CoE’s major position is payroll coordination, candidates for supervisor training, decision making of organization’s philosophy and standard action.

It’s a function that need view point from whole company even in HR tasks.

Ops: Operations

HR tasks as payroll accounting and company entering, resignation processing can be called as OPs.

This is vital base to accurately manage important employee data and process new strategic business.

Recently, the number of company that using outsource for these tasks to focus on their core tasks is increasing.

Why are strategic HR being demanded right now?

Technology development and globalization are the context that strategic HR are being needed now.

Develop technology, new job type and industry, skill are boosting up, also the opportunity to co-operate with foreign client went up compare to before.

In order to respond to this rapidly change era, companies have to keep up with the changing speed.

But in many companies, though they understand of its importance, philosophy of strategic HR still didn’t soak in them. There are 3 main reasons we can think of.

The management strategy isn’t consistent and unclear

The strategic HR that related to strategic management may be ineffective if the strategy aren’t clearly explained.

Plus, if position of HR and managers are unequal, the managers won’t take proposals from HR department therefore it’s possible that strategic HR can’t influence to management.

Engage in management in the HR department

For companies still keep thinking that “Administration work is a task of HR job” then that companies may can’t apply strategic HR even they have certain strategic management.

Employees are uncooperative in changing.

Strategic HR involves with organizational reform. Therefore, employees that don’t like changing may resist the new installation.

In this case, it’s necessary to explain that strategic HR won’t harm to employees and to reform awareness of employees at the same time.


When IT is developing, ‘human’ and ‘organization’ density are level up at the present, we have professional in human evaluation so HR needs variety angle view.

Do not close shell with the old philosophy, by adding HR in companies’ strategy it helps widen the management, turn your company to be good in handling fast changing.